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Are you bored with your date night options? Let's talk about a new twist on dinner and a movie, right in the heart of Tyson's, next.

Hi, I'm Sherri Foster and I'm your Northern Virginia Right-Size agent. Today, I'm going to take you to the movies. The Showplace Icon Tysons is a great addition to Fairfax County. This place is spectacular. They rolled out the red carpet for me today, allowing me to check out the theaters, between show times. I am inside one of the largest theaters at the showcase icon theater in The Boro at Tysons.

Wait till you check this place out, come on let's go. Let's start with these kiosks. You can purchase your tickets, and your meal, right here. Pick up your popcorn and soda at the concession stands, your cocktails- yes cocktails- at the bar, and then head into your theater. Your meal will be delivered to your seat, hot and fresh from the kitchen.

There's a second concession stand, on the second level, for your convenience. I was able to have lunch, while seeing a film on their giant Iconx screen, but wait- let me show you these seats. They are all leather recliners, and they even have a separate control for the head rest. Are you ready for this, they are heated- yes heated! These chairs are so comfy, but don't nap- you'll miss your movie.

At the bar, at the showplace icon theater, yes, the bar. You can actually come in get a drink, with or without a movie ticket. This place is awesome. Now that I have shown you some of the amazing features of this theater, I have to share a little secret with you. In addition to being beautiful. with comfortable recliners, and amazing food, their ticket prices are lower than any other first run theater in the area- by a lot! and Tuesdays, they have a special $6.50, seriously 6.50 cents for a movie ticket, in the lap of luxury! Incredible!

Join their moviegoers club, they call extras, and you will get discounts and special benefits. The current special is a free movie ticket, just for signing up. Who knows what the next one will be?

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