The Best Burgers In Fairfax County

The Best Burgers in Fairfax County, VA

Burger shops have been popping up left and right. Do you want to know the best burgers in Fairfax County. I mean, I'm not talking national chains or fast food. I'm talking about great burgers!

We tested a lot of burgers, and these are the top five.

Social Burger

This place is like the heart of Vienna. Everybody knows Social Burger. They have great burgers, great chicken sandwiches, but again this video is all about burgers. So come on down to Vienna and check out Social Burger. This small burger shop is fantastic. The owner, Denise and her staff are so friendly and they are always willing to help out the community they serve. They host fundraisers for community schools and they support local sports teams. Denise strongly believes in supporting the community that supports her business. She even hires local. Her entire staff lives less than five miles from the restaurant. You want to come and try out these burgers and don't forget the shakes. Yum.

From Vienna, let's head to Tyson's Corner. If you've been in Virginia for a while, you have likely heard of the Great American Restaurants. They are a local chain with many different concepts. Attached to their newest concept in Tyson's Corner is a bakery, called Best Buns. 

Best Buns

This place is an awesome bakery, but this is a blog about burgers, what am I doing at a bakery? Because you just gotta try this burger, and don't forget the wicked sauce! The patties are thinner, so for the perfect ratio of meat to cheese to bun, you need to get the double. Perfection! And their milkshakes delicious too.

Burger Shack

Burger Shack is located right on route 50. It is actually a little shack. It's a really cute, great little place and I can't wait to try these burgers. They have a varied menu of specialty burgers, as well as, hot dogs, chicken and even a few vegetarian options. We tried several different burgers. My son had the ring of fire. He loved it! But beware, it is spicy! Those delicious shakes will cool you right down. Stop in you will not be disappointed. There are a total of three burger shacks in the area, the others are in Alexandria and Ashburn.

Big Buns

These are some big burgers! They have great specialty burgers, and I can't wait to dig into mine!

They started as a small burger joint in Arlington in 2007. It took a decade for them to grow into two locations, now there are three and they are growing fast! Their vision has always been to feel more like a backyard party than a restaurant. They have rotating selection of specialty burgers. They also have amazing shakes, you don't want to miss those.

DyFre's Burgers.

I'm really excited, these burgers have come highly recommended. Also in this little place, they have a Mexican restaurant and a pizza shop. I can't wait to try it all, but today it's just burgers. They are located in industrial park. It's a little hard to find. but don't give up, it's worth it. The owner, Freddie, greets everyone that comes in. He will happily walk you through the three concepts that are located in this small place. The burgers here are so big, I needed a knife and fork. I ordered the Mexican burger, it was fantastic! Freddie puts his stamp of approval on every burger! DyFre's has only been open for six months and they already have quite a great following. If you haven't tried it yet, do yourself a favor and go now! You'll thank me later.

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