The Boro of Tysons Corner

The Boro of Tyson’s Corner

Would you like everything that you need at your fingertips? The Boro of Tyson's Corner offers exactly that.

This place has, literally, everything. You can live here, work here, eat here, and play here. It's got it all, and I can't wait to show you. With office buildings, apartment buildings, and condos. you can work here and live here. They have a wide variety of restaurants. Whatever you feel like eating, you can find it here!

Tasty Kabobs with delicious Halal food. Santouka Ramen, the most authentic ramen from Japan. Fish Taco, serving amazing tacos and rice bowls. Flower Child with healthy options for both vegans and meat lovers alike, and North Italia, where they make wonderful pastas from scratch daily.

They also have this great bar where you can sit and enjoy a fine wine or cocktail while you wait, or you can eat here too. You will also find Bluestone Lane, that serves a terrific brunch, as well as coffees and teas. Paris Baguette is your neighborhood bakery with mind-blowing sweet treats. Tropical Smoothie has bold flavored smoothies. After any of these delicious meals, you'll want to wander over to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, Yum! You can enjoy your ice cream in any one of The Boro's outdoor seating areas or walk around and check out where you might want to go on your next visit. Near the entrance of The Boro, they have this great outdoor library space to encourage reading for all ages. Icon theater is located at the heart of The Boro, enjoy the latest movies in your comfy heated recliner.

The flagship Whole Foods is pretty incredible. Not only can you do all of your grocery shopping, but you can pick up ready-made items from PLNT burger, coffee, poke, and there's even a pub. That's right, High Point Pub is located right inside of Whole Foods. If you're enjoying the pub, don't forget to check out the attached arcade. Yes, a grocery store with an arcade! This is one amazing Whole Foods. The Boro is growing rapidly too, expected soon Caliburger, Circa, El Bebe and more. They also have all of your basics covered: hair salons, nail salons, dry cleaners, even a bank. So, if you want a place for everything head to The Boro. You'll be glad you did.

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